Ravens Hedge Update

Holiday gift packs! The perfect gift of three! For the naturalist in your life, or a great way to taste the bounty of the woods.

Hedgerow Jams ~ Three wild organic jams and jellies.

Woodland teas ~ Your choice, three of my organic teas.

Herbal Honey ~ Three infused herbal and mushroom organic raw honeys.

Personalized~ You choose, between the jams, honey and teas. ✨🌲✨ https://etsy.me/36xtdfq

Shop updates! ✨💀🌿

This year by popular demand I will be offering flower essence gift packs.

Flower essences can be used in a multitu­de of ways. You can apply them to your wrists, temples, chak­ras, or anywhere you feel there is stagn­ate energy that needs to flow. You can add a few drops to your bath water, or if you want to work more intimately with the plant spirit place a few drops under your tongue. I often add it to my Moon or Divination Tea. ☕️🍃🌛🔮 Some da­ys you may feel you need more, some days less. After you have been working with a flower essence for awhile, you will be able to sense this. Flower essences are a healing and magic­kal way to deepen yo­ur connection to the­se subtle plant ener­gies. I have also in­cluded an amethyst stone to be placed inside the essence, for amethyst has many vi­rtues as well. Ameth­yst purifies, and po­ssess​ healing powers, as well as psychic abilities and is oft­en used in energy
he­aling or chakra bala­ncing.​ Amethyst can bring protection from bane­ful spells, and helps elevate nightmares.

Each essence has it’s own virtues and abilities, so choose the essence that addresses what you would like to work on. I find the dark season the best time to use flower essences to do shadow work, and summer the best time to work with the plant spirit and it’s properties.

These witchy little gift packs will consist of three flower essences of your choice, so the perfect time to try them for yourself, or to give to a witch you love. ✨🎄❤️✨

Also The Datura, Shapeshifter flying ointment has limited quantities, restock date will be available soon. ✨💀🌿

Hekate’s Night

Tonight when dusk arrived … until the following days night, is the yearly celebration of Hekate’s Night. 💀🍷🍄

Hekate’s time is also that of the Dark ✨🌚✨ Moon, a time of release and renewal. As well as on the 30th of each month, where she is honored and libations are offered. There is also the Rite of Her Sacred Fires✨🔥✨on the May Full Moon of each year. ✨🌝💐✨

It is said that her name means”The Distant One”, and I get that, but I gratefully find her close in times of need. Guiding us to release the old familiar ways, and to find our way through the darkness of new beginnings….

A Three formed Goddess. Hekate is part of the most ancient form of the triple Moon goddess as Crone or Goddess of the Dark Moon. This is also the night of Hekate’s supper at the Crossroads. Those who worshiped her honored her by performing Sympathetic Magick and holding a supper at what they believed to be the Crossroads.

She is associated with the torch, keys, 🔑 the crossroads, entrance-ways, night, and has vast knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants. She is one with spirits, necromancy and sorcery.

Animal wise she is linked to the dog, horse, sheep (especially black female lambs), owls, bats, 🦇 boars and snakes. 🐍

Offer this dark deity food such as mushrooms, saffron, raisins and currants, gourds and pumpkins.

Libations of red wine 🍷 and mead (honey wine) are well received, as honey 🍯 is also an offering for her.

Crone magick in abundance, bewitching evening all.

The Moth brings changes to the Wood

Good evening all, hope everyone is doing well on this firey 🔥 night of passions and Mars. Tonight there is news in the hollow, 🌿 so I’d like to share.

As most of you know I have made mention of the moth 🧚🏼‍♂️ and new things to come. And if you follow this shop’s page with any regularity you know that I am passionate about herbal, foraged and wild foods. 🎋 Posting often about them, as well as the ancient brews of shrubs,🥤 mead,🍷 kombucha🍹, and jun. 🥂 I know my life to be better for including more herbs and wild things seasonally to my food, drink, and life. Plants have so much to offer us, and I create wildcrafts to utilize that seasonal bounty. I think when you live in a more herbal, pure and less processed world, you become more connected to your ancestors, the old ways, and the things in life that matter….

Although these wildcrafts and ways are indeed habits of the witch, 💀🌿 they are not necessarily considered to be magickal. Many of you have requested the teas, tinctures, soaps, syrups, and jellies I make, and all have been well received in the shop. I have been looking into expanding these wildcrafts for folks, keeping the magickals in Deep Within the Hollow, but offering another woodland shop to give anyone a taste or tincture from the woods. So I have decided to create a sister shop of “Deep Within the Hollow” and that is
🍂Ravens Hedge🍂, A Shop of Woodland Wildcrafts.

I will be sharing more about this new sister shop in future posts, and Ravens Hedge will open upon the first Full Moon of fall…

Summer endings in a Witches Wood

The last month of summer has arrived, and with these summer endings the last flowers of the season in my woods. A bittersweet time for me, where I look forward to the beauty of fall in theses woods, but am also saddened by summer’s demise. Summer may be near it’s end, but the magick and beauty these last flowers bring makes for an easier transition.

Lilum tigerinum, or more commonly known as the Tiger lily, bursts into bloom in my woods every August. Those curled bright orange blooms stand out so majestically against the forest greenery. The Tiger lily was first brought into light by the well known Swedish botanist Carl von Linne back in 1753, and it’s folklore is abundant.
From Asia is the tale of a hermit who came across a wounded tiger, helping him by removing an arrow. The tiger was grateful, and wished for their friendship to go on in this life, and many after. When the tiger died, his body was transformed into the tiger lily, but not long after his friend the hermit drowned, his body washed away to the sea. Legend has it the Tiger lily spread everywhere, in search of his fallen friend…

Magickally speaking the tiger lily is a flower of money. The color orange being associated with obtaining goals and wealth, and the little black dots on it’s petals are considered to be coins. As a flower essence the tiger lily gives aid in suppressing aggressive tendencies.

Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium has been called the Devil’s Nettle, and has associations with the witch as well, a witch being tried in the 17th century for using yarrow in fact. A plant of Venus and the element of Water, yarrow has a long history in love spells, as well as the art of divination. Yarrow has associations with the deity Aphrodite, the Horned One, and Hermes, and the Victorians sighting yarrow as a representative of both healing and war. As a flower essence yarrow sets boundaries, tells us to protect our vulnerable places, and allows energy to the healing process.

And finally the woods turn to gold with Goldenrod…

“I know the lands are lit with all the blaze of
Goldenrod.”… Helen Hunt Jackson

There is the enchanting tale of the old woman who found herself within the wood. As she traveled in this forest she asked the trees if she might have a walking stick, but the trees refused her. In it’s stead the old woman came upon a stick, asking it for help. The stick agreed. and lean upon it she did to get through the rest of the forest. When she reached the woods end, she transformed into one of the fae. She fluttered up one of the nearby trees, and in gratitude sprinkled gold upon the stick… turning it into goldenrod.

The Latin name for goldenrod is Solidago meaning “whole,” referring to it’s abilities in healing, which are many. You can use the flowers and leaves for a delightful aniseed flavored tea, or it can be made into oil and tincture for aches, and inflammation. I love to use them in my early fall divinations, as the blooms make for a bewitching pendulum.
It is also said when one see’s the first goldenrod blooms, to expect frost six weeks later. So the Wheel of the Year turns, and another season begins…

The Moth and the Witch

The Moth is of the Lepidoptera family, with 11,000 species here in United States alone. Moths like bats and owls are a creature of the night, and also a known familiar of the witch…

Insects like animals can also be spirits guides, as the dragon fly teaches us of magick, transformation and mysticism, so the bee shows us community, hard work, and abundance.

I have had visits from the moth as of late, reappearing here and there for awhile now. So I took this as a possible omen of sorts, and when I really looked into information about the moth I not only found the reason for it’s visit, but plenty of folklore as well.

Moth Folklore ~ 

Moths in your home can be an indication of quarrels between you and your lover, or that enemies are working against you.

If a moth flies around you at night, it’s an indication you will receive a letter. If it be a maiden, then a letter from her lover she will receive. 

If a moth flies into a candle flame, and in doing so puts the flame out, it is an omen that someone in your household will be snuffed out as well.

If you are visited by a brown moth within your home it is often a sign telling you to be a bit more skeptical of who you let into your house and trust. This moth tells you to be rid of excess clutter, negative habits, people, or negative relationships in your life.

There are Native American tribes that believe the moth is to be considered a sacred creature, and should be held in the highest regard. A creature that deals with both light and dark, and can be a messenger from the dead, or can be a symbol of a possible upcoming death as well.

Then there is the folklore of the Black Witch, or Black Witch Moth. This spirit guide is more complex, and depending on the location of the folklore, can bring darkness and certain death, to prosperity and riches. One thing is certain, if this moth appears by your door, you will most definitely have an experience with the occult and the magickal realms…
There is also a White Witch Moth.Appalachian legend telling of this spirit guide bringing news of one’s ancestors being amongst them, and giving a sense of safety and protection. To me dreams of these enchanting moths are similar to the vibrational influences of the quartz crystal. Energy of light, higher realms, and magickal possibilities.

The Magick of White Clovers

White clover is a common weed to many. But for those who know this magickal little flower, know that it possess both magickal and medicinal properties. Magickally it is used for personal purification, I often make an ointment for that. Burn it in your incense, giving aid to purification and to drive away evil influences.

White clover is traditionally used to purify and cleanse the blood. A tea made from the blossoms can be used as an eyewash, or drank to fight fever and colds. An infusion of the leaves can be made to use as an ointment for gout, and both the flowers and leaves make’s a great wild iced tea. When you dry the flowers they take on a sweeter, slight vanilla taste to them, so I add them to my baked goods, teas, cordials, and meads. Try these amazing little flowers, and see the magick they can bring.

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